Seattle, Washington


Recommended Neighborhoods: Capitol Hill, Queen Anne, Lower Queen Anne, Ballard, Fremont, West Seattle, Bellevue

  • Flying to Seattle with limited luggage? Visit goodwill in Capitol Hill for buying cheap kitchen and houseware that is in good or brand new shape.

  • Check Local Facebook groups​​​​​​​

  • Please avoid using Craigslist as it is not very reliable​​

   Disclaimer: This information has come from students, if you see something that may be inaccurate, we encourage you to fill      out the survey or contact us by clicking on the tabs on the main menu.



Top Recommendation

Apodments are a dorm style living that is common to Seattle and Portland. It is micro housing and typically the best priced and best location. Most UC students have found Seattle housing from this website


  • Bed, chair, and table are provided

  • All utilities and wifi are included in rent (typically ranges from $870-$1,200 per studio apartment

  • Laundry and communal kitchen onsite

  • Secure bike storage in most buildings

  • Buildings named Brava, Cortena, and Alturra are the best locations in Capitol Hill, located near the link station and entertainment



  • Tons of hiking in the area

  • Explore the neighborhoods: Capitol Hill, Queen Anne areas

  • Pikes Place market

  • Bainbridge

  • Olympic National Park

  • Olympia


  • Orca Card​​ - arrow will take you to website

    • Light Rail​ $3.50 per ride

    • ​Bus​​​ ($40-50/month with pass)

    • Can buy a card at any station. Card costs $5 but is reloadable

  • Check to see if your company pays for public transportation

  • Walk - Seattle is an easy city to walk to your destination

  • Do not need a car


You may have left Cincinnati, but there are UC alumni living near you!


People to contact, who have lived in this city before ​​​

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