Miami, Florida


Recommended Neighborhoods: Brickell, Coral Way, Coral Gables, Midtown

  • Check Local Facebook groups​

    • University of Miami​

  • Please avoid using Craigslist as it is not very reliable​​

Grocery shopping can get expensive. If you have a car, drive to Homestead farmers market in the week end to have fresh cheap vegetables.


Disclaimer: This information has come from students, if you see something that may be inaccurate, we encourage you to fill     out the survey or contact us by clicking on the tabs on the main menu.




  • Beaches

  • Snorkeling in Key Largo

  • Touristy stuff

  • Take tours

  • Key West


  • Car, bus is not very reliable

  • Parking is hard to find and expensive, try to live close to work

  • Ubur pool

  • Click the link below for Miami's public transportation website


  • Start a groupme of people in studio who are going to the same city/state as you. Plan events with them even if you are not living with them!

  • Bumble has a BFF mode where you can purely just look for other people looking for friends and not relationships

  • Volunteer for local events or join a community sport


People to contact, who have lived in this city before ​​​

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